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Double Block & Bleed valves

This ranges allow you to positively isolate both sides of the valve with a bubble-tight
seal, and vent any excess medium through a needle valve.
It includes options for high-pressure, critical processes, such as our XC range, which
are all API 6A tested and manufactured in accordance with ASME standards.


XC DBB Valve range

The ALCO XC range of valves offers secure lock-off of fluid for safe, reliable performance of complex operations. They beneft from high structural integrity and come in a wide choice of materials.


Floating Pattern Valves

ALCO floating pattern valves are designed for downstream use and feature two ball rings, which hold the ball in place under varying levels of pressure.


Trunnion mount

DBB Valves

ALCO trunnion mount valves are well-suited to upstream applications with higher pressure levels, or those handling coarser, less-refined media. They feature a more resilient design and spring-energised seats.


Monoflange Valves


Sampling & Injection Valves

ALCO sampling and injection valves are designed for applications where selective sampling of a medium, or the injection of other substances is required as part of the process.


Instrumentation DBB Valves

ALCO modular double block & bleed valves offer an extra element of safety, for applications such as oil, gas and high-tech where valves need to be safely removed for servicing.

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